Polywrap is a fully distributed, open-source organization building the tools that will radically improve the process of developing and delivering software to any device.

🧰 Build Universal SDKs with Polywrap

Today’s applications are written in a variety of languages and their deployment platforms are more varied than ever. Software development has become much more complex. Polywrap aims to simplify development, regardless of what type of application you’re building: website, server, node, desktop, mobile, blockchain, enterprise, IoT.

At the heart of Polywrap’s technology is a toolchain that enables the creation of WebAssembly-powered SDKs, or “wrappers”. Wrappers are universal, meaning any application can consume them regardless of programming language or platform. Because they leverage WebAssembly, they’re secure by default, and can be streamed into your application on-demand! Lastly wrappers are composable, allowing developers to combine and extend application functionality in new and exciting ways.

🤖 Solving the SDK Problem for Web3 and Beyond

The inspiration for Polywrap came from the tremendous pain of connecting web3 protocols to different application environments. Polywrap is especially useful in these decentralized contexts that lack interoperable standards. However, Polywrap is a generalized tool that is useful in protocols and applications of any kind.

💫 Why Work for Polywrap?

We aim to make software development on any platform orders of magnitude better through our technology. On top of meaningful work, we offer generous compensation and perks. Learn more about what it’s like to work for Polywrap here.

🖊️ How to Apply

Email your resume, GitHub, and the position of interest to [email protected]. Share with us why you would like to work with us and why you’re the right person for the role.

<aside> 👋 Please note that these postings are for independent contractors. The selected applicants will be responsible for any tax reporting and payment obligations that may arise from work performed. Also note that approval will be subject to the organization’s governance process.



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Don’t see a role that fits your skills or interests? Email [email protected] and share with us what your dream role at Polywrap would be!